Not a day goes by that Canadians dont have to make a financial decision of some kind. It could be a little one like deciding to buy your groceries with cash or a credit card or a significant one like choosing the best mortgage or retirement product. Although we are very involved as volunteers in many areas of our community, our primary focus is on the task of increasing the level of Financial Literacy.

As a team of financial professionals with combined years of experience in the hundreds we are uniquely qualified to help our citizens become better able to make high quality financial decisions. The tradition of providing services on a Pro Bono publico (def: done without compensation for the public good) basis is well established in some professions. It is now a tradition among this group of financial professionals here at ScotiaMcLeod.

If you or someone you know has an interest in having us do financial literacy education with any group of individuals, please contact us right away and well get a plan in place to do that free of charge and without any obligation. Its our way of giving back to our community!

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